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Standard Safety Features

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • Traction Control
  • Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)
  • Trailer Sway Control (TSC)
  • 4-Wheel Antilock Disc Brakes with Brake Assist (ABS)
Available Safety Features
  • Blind-Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Path Detection
  • Park-Sense Rear Park Assist System
  • Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking (FCW)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with STOP
Standard Safety Features In-Depth
Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • The ESC system enhances directional control and stability when the vehicle is faced with various driving conditions, for example the ESC system will correct for over/under-steering by applying brake pressure to the appropriate wheels and may reduce engine power to help the vehicle maintain its desired path.
ParkView Rear Back-Up Camera
  • A rear camera that is activated when your car is shifted into "reverse", the image can be displayed in the rearview mirror display (if equipped) or on the UCONNECT Screen, and will continue on the screen for 10 seconds or until the vehicle reaches over 8 mph.
Hill Start Assist (HSA)
  • The HSA system helps mitigate roll-back when starting up or stopping on from an incline position. This includes rolling backwards when stopped on a hill, and accelerating from a stopped position on a hill.
Traction Control
  • The Traction Control system monitors the rotational speed of the wheels and other criterion such as the angles of launch, departure, and steering. If the system detects a deficiency in traction or steering control, the computer reduces the power of the engine and/or will try to engage the brakes automatically to retain stability of the vehicle.
Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)
  • When the ERM system determines that the rate of steering wheel angle change and the vehicle's speed are able to properly cause wheel lift. the system will apply the appropriate measure of braking and will reduce engine power in order to lessen the chance of wheel lift.
Trailer Sway Control (TSC)
  • Trailer Sway Control uses sensors to recognize the swaying or potential swaying trailer, and will take the appropriate actions to mitigate the sway.
4-Wheel Antilock Disc Brakes with Brake Assist (ABS)
  • The ABS system provides increased vehicle stability and brake performance under most braking conditions. The system will automatically mitigate wheel lock, and will enhance the control of your vehicle while braking.

?Available Safety Features In-Depth
Blind-Spot Monitoring with Rear Cross-Path Detection
  • Using two radar-based sensors, the system will detect when vehicles enter the blind-spot zones of your vehicle and will illuminate in both outside rear view mirrors to alert the driver.
Park-Sense Rear Park Assist System
  • The Park-Sense system will detect obstacles in the path of your vehicle and will alert the driver through the instrument cluster in the dash. Arc's will be displayed relating to the obstacle, with one being far away and three being very close, as well as the direction of the obstacle through a focus of arc's on the right and left side.
Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking (FCW)
  • The FCW system will provide and auditory and visual warning when it senses a potential frontal collision, as well as jerk the brake of the vehicle in order to get the drivers attention. If the driver does not take action when this system activates, the vehicle will provide a limited level of active braking to help slow the vehicle and mitigate the potential of a forward collision.
Adaptive Cruise Control with STOP
  • The ACC system allows you to keep Cruise Control engaged in light to moderate traffic conditions without needing to constantly reset your Cruise Control system
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